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  The mainly performing is Jazz sound
The mouthpieces has the sound definition, tone colour, and the vibrations of air to ebonite mouthpiece, and also has the powerful and penetration sound to metal one.
Launching the whole new series of XBR is completely pleasant. This can perform an enormous difference among normal bakelite, which is the sound quality with spectacular and mysterious sensation. In addition, notes also can be exhibited one kind of style like gentle for audience. The internal construction is composited of metal and bakelite features to reflect a particular sound from that as well as body. It is like a natural-made player. The mouthpiece is also excellent for jazz style, which have taken advantage of physics theory. That is applicable for funk, rock, big band and blues, also including personal play. For those reasons, many individuals gravitate to the music atmosphere, and comprehend deeply playing. The mouthpiece is the one with high functionality, being your want as well as love.
Artisans Performer class
Plastic mouthpiece cap + two-screw ligature(reed space)

One-screw rhombic ligature
Pakcked with protective packing material in a pakcage box

Optional accessories: The putting a mouthpiece and reeds case.