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  The mainly performing is Classical sound
The mouthpieces has the sound definition, tone colour, and the vibrations of air to ebonite mouthpiece, and also has the powerful and penetration sound to metal one.
The XBCT is an incredible creation integrating science technology and the imagination from the nature. It demonstrates a sound quality of soft classic, generating a series of pleasant reaction with warmth to our spirit. The interior of the mouthpiece preserve its functionality, which can exhibit ballad, classical music, compa music, pop music and ska as well as two kinds of jazz, such as blue and smooth. In processing instrumental quartet and winds music, the mouthpiece performs dramatically combination, and is definitely an outstanding mouthpiece. The interior design supply sufficient airflow going through. When this comes, the instrument will be under the domination of players. The mouthpiece is like another mouth cavity and vocal to enhance the characteristics of each instrument, being applicable to many occasions. These are extraordinary. Apart from the aforementioned, the XBCT not only completely illustrate its and saxophone’s feature, but merges to other instruments. Retro jazz style and avant-garde sense of contemporary both can be found on the mouthpiece. Audience can receive every note from the music of performers, which is like alive.
Artisans Performer class
Plastic mouthpiece cap + two-screw ligature(reed space)

One-screw rhombic ligature
Pakcked with protective packing material in a pakcage box

Optional accessories:
The putting a mouthpiece and reeds case.