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A whole new curved soprano saxophone extended from the straight soprano saxophone. This straight soprano saxophone divided into four parts to redesign and organize three tone holes for this new curved soprano. These holes are placed on the right side of the curved saxophones from left, which are #Do, Si, bSi. Tone accuracy and tone color are improved relatively. This achieves real-time response from saxophones, ideally airflow, resonant tone, and ergonomically mechanical. It shows resonant and rounded tone color like a tenor saxophone. Outstanding on stages. Legend design: curved soprano saxophone.

Soprano saxophones need a high qualified technology to produce and skillful performance to present. Especially, the curved soprano saxophone is the most dedicate instrument. All parts cooperate each other. We kept testing at the final stage of each phrase which is challenging and slowly progressing. So much unsure factors during this new product development. This spent much resource such as finance, labor, and material to complete this project.
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Professional Curved Soprano Saxophone Black Professional Curved Soprano Saxophone Seilver Professional Curved Soprano Saxophone Mate Gold Professional Curved Soprano Saxophone XMS-983  
Kylin Black
Curved Soprano Saxophone
Silver Knight
Curved Soprano Saxophone
Misty Sunshine
Curved Soprano Saxophone
Curved Soprano Saxophone