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Soprano Saxophone
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Baritone Saxophone
1. Due to differences among color monitors the colors that appear may not be exact
2. Sahduoo Saxophone Manufacturing reserves the right to develop and make changes at any time
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Buying Guidance for Saxophone Mouthpieces

Choosing a right mouthpiece by your current phase.
Student: The saxophone perform easy blowing and resonance when playing.
Advanced: Apart from facts above, tone color and resonance should be considered, and they bring you harmony.
Professionals: Choosing a mouthpiece by clear and bright sound, smooth sound, resonant sound, dark and focussed sound.
Professional Performer: Taking the characteristics above into joyful melody, having the ability to inspect different instruments, and pursuing the spirt of music art. This radiates musicians’ characteristics and sentimental music.

Overall, searching mouthpieces to meet your needs makes your performance great.

Patent mouthpiece characteristics:
1.Players can easily create echoic subtone tunes
2.Suitable for popular jazz and blues tunes
3.Producing a larger resonance with multiple layering effects
4.Rustling resonant harmony for enchanting performance

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