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Masterpiece saxophone showing classic jazz and academism
in music. Top craftmanship and wide range of registers. This
masterpiece saxophone of retro 60s plays subtone and sonorous characterization.

XT Series Tenor
A masterpiece saxophone series of 60s classic jazz. Contemporary
saxophones show classic music type, handcrafted creation. Vintage
brass material. This saxophone series translates the ideal of maestro
creation and has leisurely and brightly sound.

XTb Series Tenor
Classic jazz melody interacts our sensory channel. This is the feature
of XT series. Its resonant and layered sound comes from maestro’s
creation. We employ top handcrafted techniques to achieve tonal

XT Series Tenor
TH series is a standard type in Taiwanese saxophone industry, generally
the highest level. Miner differences in manual assembly skill and
production techniques. The TH plays relatively great tone color.

TH Series Tenor