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Dedicated to excellence:
Divided a straight soprano saxophone into four parts to redesign
and organize three tone holes for this new curved soprano. These
holes are placed on the right side of the curved saxophones from left,
which are #Do, Si, bSi. Tone accuracy and tone color are improved

XMS Series Curved Soprano
XSR is a series of breakthrough one-piece soprano saxophone.
In playing lower registers and middle registers, it smoothly present
warm and elegant tone color. A beautiful soprano saxophone can
reach wide range from low to high.

XSR Series Soprano
XS featured dynamic and easy playing, especially showing the
wide range of registers. Characteristic and outstanding tone color.
The XS is a series of one-piece soprano saxophone meeting all
professionals and semi-pro players needs.

XS Series Soprano
SH series is a standard type in Taiwanese saxophone industry,
generally the highest level. Miner differences in manual assembly
skill and production techniques. The SH plays relatively great tone

SH Series Soprano