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Making mouthpieces is the happiest thing to me, and the inspiration shows up at times. This makes me create an incredible artwork. The mouthpiece enhances their style and plays the music well.

Sound is powerful, sonorous and smooth, and making you yell from the bottom of your heart. Musical instruments help music players to show skills and perform well. I feel so happy in doing this artistic work as mouthpiece design. This is the greatest comfort and achievement for us, and we will continue to engage in creating artistic instruments.

Saxophone Industry is one type of business, but we need to know the saxophone is an art, is a craft and has a responsibility to link spirit and spread the notion of elegant experience from human. Every artisan and performer are unique. They have an eye for music interpretation and distinctive play.

Saxophone and mouthpiece creators are poles apart from others in terms of production quality. The market is filled with premium saxophones and poor-quality saxophones. How saxophone advocators pick a right saxophone and mouthpiece is the key point. The advocators need to 1. Be able to gauge saxophones and break brand myth 2. Bring experienced players with you 3. Make sure the trustworthiness of the saxophone manufacturing.

Everyone is worthy of a favourite saxophone and mouthpiece. Manufacturers have the responsibility to create their crafts, and all players are benefits from that. To know performers’ satisfactions are craftsmen motivator.