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XA-980PL, a favourite alto saxophone among jazz rock saxophonists, offers resonant and a deep pleasant sound built by SAHDUOO neck design. Made by a distinctive technology creates excellent and fluent key work. Bronze-coloured body and golden lacquered keys bring out elegance like violet to show saxophone aesthetics. The exterior perfectly fits in your life.
Hight F#
Material: Vintage Yellow Brass
Color: Bronze-coloured body and golden lacquered keys
Level: Professional performer class
- Able to attach one metal mouthpiece of professional performance level
- Neck:Easy Performance, High Accuracy, the advantage of consonant
- Two-screws ligature of convex groove
- Mouthpiece cap
- Italian leather pad
- Nature shell button
- Strong steel needle spring
- Hand-engraved pattern
- Cold forging button
XA-983PLα fits in the classic jazz style of the 60’s, featuring sonorous and layered sound, and bring the sound quality of the 60’s out. Inspiration of designer’s creativity and handcrafted saxes of top class perfectly combine players and the saxes. This motivates professional saxophonists’ idea on creativity. Music notes can seem to be touched when players perform. Dulcet sound is this sax’s characteristics.